Embark on the Epic Quest!

Greetings, Adventurers of the Realm of Grace,

We are thrilled to unveil the grand 'Epic Quest Challenge'! This exhilarating contest will span over 30 days, commencing from [start date].

Your path to glory:

Rune S

Rune Letter S

Rune E

Rune Letter E

Rune N

Rune Letter N

Rune N

Rune Letter C

Rune N

Rune Letter O

Rune N

Rune Letter R

Rune N

Rune Letter I

Rune N

Rune Letter A

The First 10 Champions Who Conquer All Tasks Will Share The Grand Prize Pool Of $10,000! The Subsequent 15 Victors Will Receive Coveted In-Game Items As Rewards.

Are You Prepared To Embark On This Challenge And Claim Your Destiny In The Realm Of Grace? We Eagerly Await Your Triumphant Feats!

All Rewards Will Be Distributed Within 45 Days Following The Conclusion Of The Competition. For A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Contest Rules, Kindly Visit Contest Rules .

Good Fortune, Adventurers! May Your Journey Be Filled With Victories.

Prize Distribution